1. Know what you are buying.

Does the wood have imperfections, (i.e. knots, discoloration, obvious weak points)? Finished furniture can hide defects in the quality of the wood. Unfinished manufacturers must use a higher grade of lumber because we cannot hide imperfections.

2. Save money.

Most of the time money will be saved by purchasing an unfinished piece of furniture and finishing it yourself. Less money does not mean that you get less quality. Your new furniture will have the same (or better) quality materials and craftsmanship as its finished counterpart.

3. Customize and match decor.

Select the stain or paint from a variety of colors to match or complement your existing furniture or decor. Your choices are unlimited when purchasing a piece of unfinished furniture.

4. Get a better finish.

The factory generally sprays a finish on furniture and this process may miss spots or be applied unevenly. In time, the furniture may blister or peel. When you finish your own furniture, you can be sure that the finish is applied evenly and thoroughly, for a durable, long-life of use.

5. Enjoy finishing your furniture.

Finishing furniture is fun! There is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you finish the project. When friends ask about your furniture you can say, "I did that myself!" Be creative and enjoy owning your own "original". Custom finished furniture will become a family heirloom for future generations.

Have Kitchens • Baths & Unfinished Furniture finish the furniture for you.

Do you like the idea of owning a unique piece of furniture, but do not have the time for another project? Let our professional staff finish your furniture for you. You can choose the stain or paint from our wide selection and match it to your decor. Let Kitchens • Baths & Unfinished Furniture do the work!